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#THROWbackThursday Dental Care Revisited

Why? Because it is important.

PAWsitively Sweet Bakery Tote BagFor some, dental care will not reach a level of importance as it will for others. The impending damage your pocket book has yet to hit until your beloved pooch undergoes a dental cleaning and then the bill hits you.

I acquired Einstein, the first pet of my  #MINIzoo, when I was 18. I had no idea what it meant to have a pet let alone the importance of dental care or how dental issues can cause even worse health issues for canines. I was oblivious. Most pet owners are, but not because of a lack of love. I thought back to growing up and how my parents would have never paid for a dental. It wasn't until I got them a puppy after my childhood pet passed away that they even considered teeth cleaning for a dog.

canine periodontal diseasePeople ask, "Why use charcoal for your dental treats? Is that natural?"

Well here is the breakdown #FURiends.

Hydrogen Carbonate, AKA, Charcoal was chosen by our MasterChef because it is flavorless and ALL NATURAL! Charcoal absorbs plaque (bad),  see above the stages of periodontal disease... When you get bad whiff of doggie breath from your furry friend, you will appreciate that charcoal actually assists in neutralizing odors. The image above may incline you to think about teeth care preventative in another light. For example, #PearlyCanines is a TREATment by #PAWsitvelySweetBakery for your pooches sweet tooth.

dog food label with undesirable ingredientsWhen I began writing I decided to look at the food Einstein and Giselle eat. Let me say first, I love the brand, I attended their academy and am a full believer in the science behind their diets. And yes they do have a form of activated charcoal in their food. But, did you know dog food is mainly composed of the first five ingredients? Everything after that is minimal if not minuscule in amount. #PearlyCanines is made of 6 ingredients. And yes the activated charcoal ranks in the top five, plus is harmless to pets.

Did I mention it's flavorless? So while your pooch may look like a member of the zombie apocalypse for a hot minute it is better than having them get sick from periodontal disease!

Dog Brushing Teeth

So push their paw down, brush their teeth, give them treats with cleaning agents in them and if you would like to learn more on dental care and about our #PearlyCanine Treats hover click on PAW.


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