Selecting the Right Dog Treats

Dog Eating TreatDo you show love by rewarding your canine companions with treats? If you answered yes, then you are in the majority of dog owners. Sometimes it is part of training and other times it's just because you want to reward their loyalty. Unfortunately, some have ingredients that will add unwanted pounds or simply not provide any nutritional value. The challenging part of selecting the right ones is knowing what to look for. So what ingredients should you avoid?

• Corn: This is a cheap filler that provides very little nutritional value. Consumed in large amounts, it may cause muscle loss.

• Soy: It is an inexpensive substitute for meat protein. Soy is also known as a common dog allergen.

• Sugar: Look for corn syrup, sucrose, caramel, or any other sugary ingredient. Too much sugar can lead to obesity, allergies and tooth decay.

• Salt: It may be labeled as iodized salt, sea salt, sodium chloride. Excessive amounts will often lead to health issues.

It is important to know the origin of all the ingredients. If the ingredients are not sourced in the US, please consider your purchase carefully. Recalls are almost always due to imported ingredients.

Choosing all-natural, healthy dog treats are always the better choice. Along with exercise, nutrient-rich snacks will help your dog maintain an ideal weight and keep them in good health. If you have any health concerns, be sure to have your dog visit the vet for an examination.

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