Natural Approach to Good Dental Hygiene

Dog's Dental HygieneWhen was the last time you inspected in your dog’s mouth? When taking care of your dog’s overall health, dental hygiene is an essential part of it, but is commonly forgotten. When a dog’s dental health is ignored, plaque builds up and turns into tartar. These areas grow bacteria and eat away at the teeth and gums. The good news is dental disease is preventable with a natural dental care routine.

Here are a few things that can be incorporated into your dog’s diet to help keep their teeth healthy:

Coconut Oil – a natural super food that is not only good for a healthy skin, coat and digestion, but also reduces or even eliminates bad breath. Coconut oil carries lauric acid which has antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties which helps are your dog get rid of bad breath.

Marrow Bones - raw or smoked, you need to make sure the bones comes from a reliable natural source and are free from hormones and pesticides. Giving your dog a marrow bone to chew on for 10-20 minutes after meals reduces plaque build up in the upper and lower molars. Personally. like to add a some natural peanut butter dog toothpaste in the center of the marrow bone, which also helps freshens breath and helps further reduce plaque build-up.

Fresh Fruits and Veggies - these include raw vegetables like carrots and celery, and fruits such as apples and watermelon. The texture of these fruits and vegetables can act as a toothbrush and can help scrape off both plaque and tartar. These fresh foods provide an easy way to clean and freshen their breath.

A few important tips to keep in mind when making changes:

• Slowly adjust your dog to this new dental routine to avoid irritating your their stomach.

• Human toothpaste is not meant for digestion and if a dog consumes it, it may cause an upset stomach.

• Take caution when purchasing commercial dental bones and chews. Many of these products not only are not nutritionally healthy and can trigger allergies and cause digestion issues.

Keeping your dog's teeth healthy will improve their overall health and  keep your dogs from having to endure intense teeth cleanings that can be quite costly. 

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