Natural Approach to Dental Care

smiling dogYour dog’s dental hygiene is just as important as receiving the proper dog food. Vets often look at a dog’s teeth as a good indicator of their overall health. Here are some all-natural options to help your dog maintain good dental health.

Activated Charcoal PAWsitively Sweet Bakery Pearly Canines

Activated charcoal is a powder that has become popular as a natural teeth cleaner. It is completely odorless, tasteless, and safe for dogs. The charcoal absorbs toxins and bad odors making it an ideal option for teeth cleaning. In addition, veterinarians give the substance to a dog (or cat) to absorb ingested toxins or poisonous substances.

Our new Pearly Canines™ treats contain activated charcoal and peanut butter. They are a tasty, all-natural treat that will help with that unwanted doggie breath and plaque.

Chew Bones

PAWsitively Sweet Bakery marrow bones

Chewing on bones can help scrape away plaque and control tartar buildup. This keeps the exposed surfaces smooth and harder for plaque and tartar to adhere to, which helps your dog’s bad breath, and help prevent other dental issues. Marrow bones are an even better alternative since the marrow provides nutrients and they can be reused by adding peanut butter tooth paste inside the bone. This process can be repeated multiple times and it will provide enrichment to stimulate their brain. 

Not all bones are created equal so please choose them carefully. Cooked or baked bones should never be given to dogs. Those processes make them brittle and may splinter that can cause injury. Many of the store bought chew bones contain dyes and chemical preservatives that can upset a dog's stomach. We only offer fresh, all-natural smoked bones that will not splinter and are safe for your dog.

Fruit and Vegetables

apple and carrotRaw fruits and veggies such as carrots and apples (without the core) are also good for dental hygiene as the texture of these foods act as a toothbrush and fights the build up of tarter. Carrots are also a great source of vitamin A and C. Apples provide antioxidants, vitamin C and the skin contains vitamin A.

All-Natural Chews

When switching to natural dental treats, look at the ingredients on the package. Avoid ingredients such as magnesium amino acid chlate and choline chloride. These ingredients are not only unnatural but are hard for the stomach to digest and can make your dog fatally ill if consumed in large quantities. 

Putting your dog on a daily dental regiment will prevent major dental issues and keep those canines looking pearly white. Regular examination of your dog’s teeth will help prevent dental disease. Have your dog checked by a vet if any they have any of the following symptoms: bad breath, swelling of the gums, broken or wobbly teeth, plaque or tartar buildup, lumps on the gum or bleeding gums.

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