Managing Your Dog’s Weight

Overweight issues have become a common problem for our canine companions. Unfortunately, these usually lead to health issues and often shorten their life span. The added stress on their bodies causes joint pain, diabetes and other serious medical concerns.

Dog Chasing BallHealthy weight dogs have a visible "tuck" in the stomach area which can be viewed from the side. The easiest way to assess if your dog is overweight is to simply run your fingers over their backbone and ribs. If you can feel them, they are most likely a healthy weight. If not, there is too much fat issue.

There are a few simple steps you can take to help them stay healthy:

• Don't overfeed. Most dog owners give way more food than is required. Read the dog food label and follow their feeding guidelines.

• Make good treat choices. The key is to choose healthy, nutritious treats including fruits, vegetables, and all-natural selections. Read my suggestions here.

• Exercise. Regular exercise helps burn calories and improve body composition. Besides going for walks, you can play fetch or other games. This can be a fun time for both of you!

Making a few small changes can make a dramatic difference in their weight and long-term health.


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