Fresh Pet Food vs. Kibble

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Dog owners want to feed their canine companions the best and that's why feeding farm fresh foods is more popular than ever. Although the majority of dog owners feed their dog a kibble diet, there is a movement towards more nutritional options. Consumers appreciate the value of fresh, refrigerated foods and are making the switch.

If you're considering feeding fresh foods, here are some of the top benefits to consider:

1. Natural Diet

Think about all of the nutrition you obtain from a salad filled with a variety of fresh veggies. Now imagine that fresh salad processed and turned into kibble. Turning a salad into kibble is not only unnatural but greatly reduces the amount of nutritional value due to the vitamins being depleted during the cooking process. If you want to feed your dog the most beneficial, natural diet then fresh foods is the best option.

2. Hydrate Your Hound

Water is perhaps the most neglected daily nutrient your dog needs. In order to drink fresh water, they count on you to provide it. Dogs need two cups of water daily for every 10 pounds of body weight, which is more water than human needs to survive. We obtain a good amount of water needed in our diet by the foods that we eat. When feeding your dog kibble, their is no water content in their food, making it difficult to obtain the adequate amount of water needed. Fresh foods contain water and help keep your dogs hydrated.

3. Free of Additives

Artificial colors, preservatives and chemicals are always hiding in your dog's kibble. Nothing is good about these extra additives and are often the main source of health problems – such as cancer. The amount of preservatives, chemicals, and fillers in fresh pet food is minimal or even non-existant.


Making the Transition
When making the switch, take it slow as your dog needs to adjust to the new diet. By feeding your dog fresh foods, you are providing them with better nutritional value than any kibble on the market today.

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