February 23: International Dog Biscuit Day

Dogs everywhere are happy to celebrate International Dog Biscuit Day today. Thought you may be interested in finding out where dog biscuits originated.

The English dog biscuit in the early 19th century was made with oatmeal, potatoes, carrots, parsnips. In 1828, Sporting Magazine wrote about Mr. Smith's dog-biscuit manufactory producing 5 tons of dog biscuits a week. A London customer praised them, "I can answer for the shining and healthful appearance they give to the coats of hounds..."


Slater's meat biscuit for dogs was made of vegetables and 25% prepared meat. Their advertisement inCassell's Illustrated Almanac stated "It gives Dog's endurance, and without any other food will keep them in fine working condition." The ad referred to show dogs consuming their product and customer testimonials.

In America, James Spratt first mass produced his Meat Fibrine Dog Cakes. They were manufactured in London and contained wheat meal, vegetables, beetroot, and meat. He patented his dog food in 1861.

F.H. Bennett created the first bone-shaped dog biscuit in 1906. He named it Milk Bone and was purchased by Nabisco in 1931. Milk Bone still exists today and is made of wheat, beef and bone meal and poultry by-product meal.

These days you will find countless choices for dog treats – chewy, crunchy, morsels, and in every flavor, size and shape you can imagine.

It is great to see how far we've come in providing our dogs the best. Our treats are made from the very best, fresh, local ingredients we can find to provide them healthy and nutritious options PAWsitively Sweet Bakery dog treats.

Here's a two dog treat recipes for you to try:

Cherry Berry Crunch and Peanut Butter Oat Balls



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