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Natural Approach to Good Dental Hygiene

Dog's Dental HygieneWhen was the last time you inspected in your dog’s mouth? When taking care of your dog’s overall health, dental hygiene is an essential part of it, but is commonly forgotten. When a dog’s dental health is ignored, plaque builds up and turns into tartar....

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Fruits & Veggies for Your Dog

Fruits and vegetables provide numerous vitamins and nutrients. While some manufactured dog food packages display images of fruits and vegetables, they are often misleading and are not included in the ingredients. In order to ensure your dog is benefiting from the nutrients they provide, you should include them in their diet. The following is a list...
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Store Brand vs. Gourmet Dog Food

I watched the segment about gourmet dog food on ABC’s The Lookout (8/7/13 episode) and was so disappointed on the message they delivered to dog owners about food choices.  The show selected Lucky Dog Cuisine, a gourmet dog food company in South Carolina, to demonstrate how they make their food for dogs...
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Vegetarian or Vegan Diet for Dogs?

Most people make decisions about what to feed their pets based on their personal beliefs. In one study, 100% of people who fed cats a vegetarian diet reported eating vegetarian diets themselves. The only valid reason for not feeding meat would be related to a health issue since a vegetarian-based diet will not provide a dog with...
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