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Best All-Natural Puppy Chews

A new puppy is super fun and exciting but behind all the cuteness is a teething chewer! Puppies start teething around 3 months of age and can last up to 5 months. In that time period it can be hard to keep the sofa and your shoes intact. Of course they always chew...

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Natural Approach to Dental Care

smiling dogYour dog’s dental hygiene is just as important as receiving the proper dog food. Vets often look at a dog’s teeth as a good indicator of their overall health. Here are some all-natural options to help your dog maintain good dental health.


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Benefits of Chewing on Bones

Bison BonesVeterinarians highly recommend giving your furry friend bones because it helps control their urge to chew and scrape away plaque. For whatever reason you choose, you will promote your dog's overall health and stimulate their senses.

Brain Stimulation

Chewing provides physical and mental stimulation for your dog. Retrievers,...

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