Benefits of Chewing on Bones

Bison BonesVeterinarians highly recommend giving your furry friend bones because it helps control their urge to chew and scrape away plaque. For whatever reason you choose, you will promote your dog's overall health and stimulate their senses.

Brain Stimulation

Chewing provides physical and mental stimulation for your dog. Retrievers, Shepherds, and other working dogs often lose interest if they're not mentally stimulated or exercised enough. This boredom can lead to destructive behavior at home. Entertaining your family dog a few times a day, and providing them with bones could keep them stimulated and out of mischief.

Dental Hygiene

If your looking for a way to improve your dog’s bad breath, then chewing on bones maybe the answer. Chewing on bones can help scrape away plaque and control tartar buildup. This keeps the exposed surfaces smooth and harder for plaque and tartar to adhere to, which helps your dog’s bad breath, and help prevent other dental issues.

Chewing Behavior

All dogs, especially puppies in the teething stage, have the desire to chew, making your furniture, shoes, and other household items the perfect chew toys. The best way to correct this destructive behavior is avoid it all together by offering an alternative chewing outlet. Bones are the an excellent choice – the bone marrow is not only delicious but are rich in protein and vitamins. Encouraging your dog to chew on bones can change their behavior from chewing on the television remote and your other favorite things.

When you choose a brand of bones for your furry companion, make sure they are not only a U.S. company, but the bones are sourced from the U.S. as well. Our Bison bones are not only sourced locally but are also hormone and pesticide free. We offer all natural bones Bison Bones in our monthly subscription and at the  local farmers markets and events we attend.

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